About Age Management Boston

Age Management Boston medical programs reduce risks for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, enhance the treatment of chronic diseases, and reduce age-related mental and emotional decline. We are an integrative medical practice, combining conventional and alternative medicine with diet, exercise, and safe monitoring of supplemental hormones. We are dedicated to evidence based medicine informed by each of our more than 30 years of clinical experience.

The Age Management process begins with a consultation with Dr. Katz or Dr. Nadelberg to determine which interventions will maximize the benefits for an individual patient. The evaluation combines sophisticated laboratory testing, extensive questionnaires about medical history, sleep, diet, exercise, and quality of life to establish each patient’s physical, metabolic, hormonal, and mental baselines. Medical programs are based on physical capabilities, lifestyle choices, and the goals of the individual.

Common Benefits

Motivated patients enjoy higher energy, sustained weight loss, improved lean body mass, fitness, endurance, mobility, and concentration.

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