About Age Management Boston

Longevity-Focused Healthcare

Age Management Boston provides a comprehensive suite of integrated services to provide you with a preventative/longevity-focused healthcare experience. These include: detailed exams that go beyond medical necessity, comprehensive lab testing, and robust electronic communications to implement your individualized health programs. Our goal is to help reduce the effects of aging, prevent degenerative disease, and improve your long-term quality of life. Based on a patient’s individual health needs and lifestyle goals, Dr. Katz, in consultation with Dr. Nadelberg, creates programs that leverage the synergies between diet, exercise, and conventional and alternative medicines to help promote significantly greater energy and develop optimal fitness.

Prevention-focused Care

Age Management Boston medical programs exceed routine diagnostic exams and plan coverage. They are designed to help reduce the risks of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, enhance the treatment of existing chronic diseases, and help reduce age-related mental and emotional decline. It is an integrative medical practice, combining conventional and alternative medicine with diet, exercise, improved sleep, and safe, evidence-based monitoring of supplemental hormones. We are dedicated to evidence-based medicine informed by each of our more than 30 years of clinical experience.

Comprehensive and Individualized

The Age Management process begins with a comprehensive consultation beyond what healthcare insurance plans cover. We explore interventions to maximize patient benefits — using sophisticated laboratory testing and extensive questionnaires about medical history, sleep, diet, exercise, sex, and quality of life to establish each patient’s physical, metabolic, hormonal, and mental baselines. These individualized medical programs are based on each individual’s physical capabilities, lifestyle choices, and goals. Subsequent routine exams and testing form the basis of supporting ongoing patient health goals and optimizing your individual medical program.

Common Benefits

Motivated patients can enjoy higher energy, sustained weight loss, improved lean body mass, fitness, endurance, mobility, and concentration.

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