“I am an avid tennis player. Since starting with Dr. Katz and his integrated program for healthy aging, I am leaner, stronger, sleep better, and have more energy. At a time when most women are giving up tennis for golf, I hit a ball faster on radar and compete in more tournaments. At the same time, my bone density, cholesterol, and risks for the diseases of aging are improved over the seven years in the program.”
 – Debi C.

“When I started the Age Management program seven years ago, I weighed nearly 100 pounds more than I do now, had severe sleep apnea, and was at the age when my father had his first heart attack. Seven years later, I’m healthier, rarely need my CPAP mask, exercise regularly, can spend more time fishing, which is my passion. Everything about my program is individualized to my lifestyle, which involves extensive travel and managing a large business.”
 – Mike C

“Since I have been Dr. Katz’s patient, I have lost 30 pounds and kept it off for four years. I have more energy than I did 10 years ago and am starting a new business at 67. I can keep up with my eight grandchildren and have significantly improved my chronic back pain. At the same time, all my risk factors for future disease have been reduced. As an experienced businessman, I can say that investment in my health has provided phenomenal returns. I am example of quality care by Dr. Katz and it has changed my life for the better”
 – Denis R

I was attempting to keep up with my hectic pace as a consultant but was struggling with total lack of energy and a desire to sleep all weekend.  My weight was up but I had no energy to exercise, even though I knew that would help.  After Dr. Katz’s thorough work-up, it was clear that not only were a number of key hormones out of kilter, but my lifelong thyroid problem was not under control despite taking the synthroid dose my primary care physician recommended.  Now, I work out 3 times a week, dropped an entire pants size, lost ten pounds and have the energy I had years ago.  Thanks to Dr. Katz and Age Management Boston!
 – KM

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