Insurance Policy

We attempt to have our patients use their medical insurance, including Medicare, to the greatest extent possible, for labs, pharmaceuticals, and consultations, similar to other medical subspecialists. However, specialty pharmacy products, such as compounded hormones, and some specialty labs, may not be fully covered by insurance. Given the multitude of insurance plans and how they vary in coverage, we cannot predict which plans will cover specific services or products.

We do not accept insurance for professional services.  All fees for professional services are the direct responsibility of patients.  We are happy to discuss these frankly and openly with you.

We do provide letters for Health Savings Accounts for medical services we have recommended. Insurance companies do not place a priority on prevention or education and, as a two man practice, we are in no position to affect their policies (and that was before the Affordable Care Act). We will correspond with insurers only in exceptional circumstances.

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