Reduce effects of aging from the inside out

Age Management Boston programs help patients reach optimal health and maintain their youth.

Age Management Boston designs individualized health programs to reduce the effects of aging, prevent degenerative disease, and improve long-term quality of life. Based on a patient’s individual health needs and lifestyle goals, Dr. Katz and Dr. Nadelberg create programs that leverage the synergies between diet, exercise, and conventional and alternative medicines to promote greater energy and develop optimal fitness.

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How to Live to 100 and Keep Your Marbles

The Relationship between Alzheimer’s, Dementia and the Aging Brain New research reveals the best way to survive from 75 to 90 years old: eat, drink, be merry, and exercise. Those who made it to 75, benefited from Consuming wine rather than abstinence Consuming coffee...

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The Latest on Vitamin C

I am a supporter of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon on State University. In their most recent research newsletter for the fall-winter 2018 publication, they summarize the most Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamin C. Q: What brand of vitamin C should I take?...

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Hemochromatosis is the 4th Leading Cause of Cirrhosis

Hemochromatosis is a genetically determined trait to store excess iron, which is stored in a protein called ferritin. As iron levels rise, it results gradually in fatigue, joint pain, weakness, weight loss, and stomach pain. Many patients are told they are “just getting older.” The iron is silently depositing everywhere from the brain to the feet. At the time of diagnosis, 25% of patients already have cirrhosis of the liver. Other findings include depression, renal failure, heart failure, dementia, diabetes…

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Why Does Fish Oil Only Work Some of the Time?

The answer might be your refrigerator… Approximately one out of every three American adults consume some form of omega-3 oil regularly. The majority is from eating fish, while fish oil pills provide most of the rest. Consumption of fish is advocated by the American...

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